Sorry GW 😩 I think this video is a little deceptive ... Honestly, it took me a couple of tries to fit it all the way in — There’s some 🔈 if you were curious (f)

Ask and you shall receive! In my case, it’s orgasms =p (f)

I’ve always been self conscious about how I sound during sex/finishing. Is there such thing as a weird/strange/unattractive moan? Honestly (f)

Excuse me sir!! My eyes are up here! 👀 (f)

Disappearing act (f)

This made me late to class - I’m sure the professor will understand 🐙 (f)

Having both holes filled made it extreme tight for both toys ! I had a hard time slipping the 🍆 in (f)

Just slightly wet 🥳 (f)

I hope strangers on the street undress me with their eyes. You GW, you don’t have to imagine 😘 (f)

It was a rough day, so I decided to take a minute for myself! I encourage you to do the same (f)

Getting undressed for my shower - would you rather fuck me or make love to me after I’m done? (f)

Look at what came home 😍

Imagine me on top o(f) you 😈

Yes, my nipples are pretty much always hard - I’m very fun to hug 😉 (f)