Good evening (f)rom 35,000 feet😉✈️

Good morning from the (f)riendly skies💖

[F]lew internationally to treat myself for my birthday this weekend, so here’s a treat for you✈️💖

Do you wish I would work your flight?😉

Wish you were on my (f)light this morning😉

(F)eel free to come taste😘

Figured I had to do this at least once on my 10 hour flight😘

Just a little bored😘

(F)rom my commute into base yesterday💦

(F)inally got to the hotel😍

Someone want to take this off for me really quick?😉

Which do you prefer, on or off?💦 (F)

If only my passengers knew what was underneath. (F)irst post (20)

Flew internationally last night for my birthday, here’s a treat for ya😉😘

On or off?😉