Felt a little braver today... showing a little more face πŸ˜‰

Got a new toy...Had to hide in the bathroom from the kids so I could play πŸ˜†πŸ˜ˆ [F36]

Straightened my hair and painted my toenails…Now I’m ready to put my feet on your shoulders and your hands in my hair! 😍😈😘

A little fun in the truck while waiting on hubs to get out of Walgreens 😈[F37]

Showing a little more face today as a thank you... today makes 50 days on Reddit and crazily enough I have 5,000 followers! That’s kinda cool (actually it’s all of the cool) Thank you guys and girls!! You all keep my husband and very horny 😍❀️😍❀️ [F36]

Tittylicious Tuesdays are the best!! 🀀[F37]

Pulled from the delete folder of an old photo shoot, but liking now that I look at it again 😬[F37]

Didn’t exactly get to take the naughty bar pics I wanted... but they had nice bathrooms πŸ˜† [F37]

Let me swoop in and give a proper PLASTT to start this weekend!!😈 [F37]

If you’re a super tired mom and you know it, show your boobs!! 🎢 [F37]

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!πŸ₯³ [37]

36[F]inally glad to peel these scrubs off!

Wanna do lunch? I hear the meal is quite tasty πŸ₯§ [F37]

All these curves and you with no brakes😏[F37]

I’m very good at “patient care” πŸ˜‰