My snap got deleted, so make sure to add my new one!💕💕

I look kinda sad in this pic, but it’s okay lol.

My friend bought a camera, so obviously I had to model for her💁🏻‍♀️💕

Every time I post this pic, I always end up deleting it immediately, but I’ll try to keep it up this time🤣🤣 (f)22

Got a new outfit💕Obviously the first thing I have to do, is make a video of me taking it off🤪🤪

Do blonde goths get any love?😋🖤🖤

What’s on your mind..?🥀

Blonde goths get any love?🤪🤪

My nipples poking through the fishnets is kinda making me laugh lol.

Need some company....💋💋💕😩

I don’t bite too hard baby😈💋

I did it a couple times, since they’re so small. I didn’t want you to miss the slightest bounce that happens🤣🤣😂 (OC) (Drop)

Do you like thick or petite? Cuz I can do both🤪🤪

Anyone into the goth aesthetic?😋

Pale & Petite🎀🎀