Slowmo popping out of my bra. Hope[f]ully you enjoy.

I've been so excited to post here! Hello beautiful people.

Do you like my butt while I’m doing frog stretches?

Do you like your women [f]lexible?

Comin’ at ya with a whole lotta angles. Be open to new perspectives. [F]

So Wet [OC]

Feeling a little bold tonight and thought, "Hey, let's self post on GodAsshole."

Hello [f]rom the otherside! (Requested slowmo)

I keep getting called petite, but I’m 5’8 and probably taller than you in heels [f]

Some asked for another angle and I’m all about perspective. [OC]

Oh hai. A sub made for me. [OC]

I need a massage [f]

Get you an ass that claps for you, you deserve good things.

Lean, but not mean. 😇

There’s so many me’s in this picture. This was a fun one 🥰