I got banned so quickly from TikTok, but I saved this video for ya nasty-ass hornies.

I’ll shave if you’ll provide the cream?

My pull out game is strong. (I know, I'm the worst. I'll [f]ind my way out.)

Pistol squats for my morning stretch and a little surprise at the end.

[F]irst time doing this, but it sure won't be my last

Wax on/Wax of[f]

Not exactly what I had in mind when I asked [f]or a one night stand.

I've been so excited to post here! Hello beautiful people.

Want to help stretch me out?

Do you like my butt while I’m doing frog stretches?

Feel Me Up Friday

Feeling a little bold tonight and thought, "Hey, let's self post on GodAsshole."

There’s so many me’s in this picture. This was a fun one 🥰

Oh hai. A sub made for me. [OC]