Took a hiatus from posting for a while, but got a very sweet and silly request to re-share an old [f]avorite in light of current craziness. So here you go. Let's all relieve some stress. ;)

I'm taking some time today to enjoy fun outtakes from adventures past :)

o hai. :) Not sure how many of you fine friends will see this, but trying out my first self-post. My apologies for the account clean-out a while back, all is well now! Hope y'all are being safe and hope some alternate angles of an old personal favorite brighten your day! ;)

veri[f]ication postage (didn't have a chance to post till now - hope this'll still be okay)

Hi - my first post here, a double on/offing :)

leanin' in to quarantinin' :)

have a wonderful friday! ...and some naked. ;)

Oh heavens. Exposed by the invisible man! (things are getting silly over here ;)

Long hairing and not caring. ;) ( finding favorite alts from an old 'puss-in-boots' post :P )

I'm of the opinion that if you don't turn cleaning out the closet into a fashion show for highly impractical outfits, you're doing it wrong. ;)

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