this may forever be my best attempt at foxy soxing.

Petite or not, I'm pretty much the worst at hide-and-seek.

An overly dramatic photo for sure, but sunlight and a moment like this is my favorite way to greet the day.

socks and socks + socks 🧦

I've heard a great window treatment can actually increase the value of a home. ;) [IMG]

Any new visit calls for a friendly neighborhood flash.

sometimes you need to night hike (up that skirt) ;) [IMG]

Window's View 2. (I figured not all sequels are bad.)[IMG]

and then I got all turned around... [IMG]

covering all the bases.

Freezing this morning and fondly remembering housesitting and a warmer winter. (Until the naked scramble when friends came back early :P ) [IMG]

.. oo OO [f]

I've got the nude part down. Am I 'reposing' right? ;)

Anyone want to play in the shadows with me?

howdy [f]ellas.