anyone else here suffer from extremely high functioning depression? i can get by as normal in my daily life but on the inside i am fully traumatized. when it surfaces and hits me at the same time i’m just like fuck everything, everything is bullshit it’s all pain/r/u_TeslaPrincess69

how is it possible that something this cute exists 🥺/r/aww

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Russell is 12 years old and toothless, that’s why his tongue sticks out a lot. i see a lot of love here for kittens but i hope this senior citizen gets some affection too :3/r/Eyebleach

russian girl from moscow living in usa 🍊 i have lived in russia and kazakhstan; give me your borat worst/r/RoastMe

the word “iconic” gets thrown around a lot but honestly this was iconic as fuck/r/LSD

my first post here totally flopped, but maybe second time’s the charm. cheers 🍻/r/TinyTits

🥴 it really be like that/r/LSD

one of the most actually “iconic” celebrity red carpet moments ever/r/southpark

Russell is 12 years old and toothless which is why he’s always got a little blep. kittens are cute but i love my senior catizen!/r/Blep

the first gif i ever made and it’s a pussy reveal 🙈 if it sucks i’ll take it down/r/PetiteGoneWild

if this isn’t smol tiddy alt gf worthy, i give up 😅/r/altgonewild